Department Antique and XIX Century art department

Department of Ancient Art & 19th century

Our Department it’s active in the evaluation of individual works of art and entire collections of paintings and objects.
The department maintains two areas divided by age, one from the 15th century to the 18th century, and another specific for the nineteenth century. The activity of the department aims at the studying and the evaluation of the works whether be a part of one of our auctions, or for the purposes of specific expertise for insurance or hereditary divisions.

We are available by appointment to view and evaluate the works at your home in Rome and in the whole Italy.
The visit for the evaluation of the works is absolutely free, then we will be glad if you will give confidence to Arte Roma Auctions for the sale of your works at our auctions or by private treaty.

A first surface and not exhaustive vision is possible even on photography. The photographic vision however  cannot in any way replace a live evaluation of the works.
The department shall draw on, if and where needed, of experts and external consultants, this also for any subsequent studies of specific authors or to draw up a card catalog for the auction.

Furthermore Arte Roma Auction takes advantage of the studio of restoration by Alessandro Pavia in Rome for analysis and condition report where necessary or required.
The department follows for their own part, practical for the application of export permits of the works (free movement), for Italian and foreign clients.
The department is available to evaluate acquisitions of artworks by private individuals, companies, foundations and institutions for investment purposes, for Italian and foreign clients.