General apraisal

The General appraisal is a "new"  figure that takes part and intervenes in the presence of multiple types of works to be evaluated: collections, whole furniture, apartments or hereditary divisions.

The general appraisal or evaluator contacts, when you’re in need of any specialists, the various departments of an auction house for particular evaluations or specific studies.
The primary purpose of the general appraisal is to maintains contact with the person or family that wants to place the works in the auction, both in the initial phase for a correct understanding of the auction mechanisms, and for the whole process of sale;  so we have just a single contact who become,in our expectations, a person you trust who accompanies you during the sales path.

The general appraisal is available by appointment to view and evaluate the works at your home in Rome and in the whole Italy.
The visit for the evaluation of the works is absolutely free, then we will be glad if you will trust Arte Roma Auctions for the sale of your works at auction or by private treaty. A first superficial and not exhaustive vision of the works is possible even on photography. The photographic vision however cannot replace in any way a live evaluation of the works.