How it works?

First you need to contact Arte Roma Auction, our general manager will have a view of what you would like to to sell: it could be one painting or an entire art work collection. It’s  better seeing the artworks live, but if is not possible, the auction needs some photos of the collection, even though a more precise appraisal could only be done by seeing the artworks live.

Generally an appraisal is done by fixing a range (ex. 6000 - 8000 euro) to each artwork. There, id the parties like eachother
AN ALLIANCE  is made by setting one price for each lot under which the auction house cannot sell, this is called reserve price.  The alliance is based on selling the art work at the higher price possible.
The appraisal made by the auction house are free of charge, this work is part of the selling strategy ot Arte Roma Auctions. 

A catalogue will be done with all the photos of the lots and an official exhibition will be held before the auction (usually one week before).

If your lots are sold, the payment will be done  45 days after the sale.